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Peakware Studio - WeBuildWhatWeWannaPlay


Welcome to Peakware Studio

An indie gamedev studio in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Here @PeakwareStudio, we believe that Games are Art, and we strive to create original video games with this guiding belief. 

We love playing video games of all kinds – and it is this love that motivates us to build the games we wanna play, and to share them with everyone to enjoy.


Our Commitment

@Peakware Studio, we are committed to…
  • Creating quality video games that will be regarded as great art pieces and will be appreciated for their artistic beauty or emotional power
  • Ensuring an open, sincere and empowering community for our team members to go above & beyond their individual potential
  • Setting an example for others to follow, and to build a truly creative and supportive indie community in Bangkok, Thailand, together

Our Personality 


We build and maintain our indie culture by doing things outside the norm, letting our creativity guide our work, and having zero-tolerance for corporate B.S.


We’re optimistic and hopeful for the future of our games and our studio. We encourage each other to be positive in everything we do, to move forward together to get what we want.


We dream BIG and dedicate ourselves to making our dreams happen – for our studio, for our games, for our team, and ultimately for our future.

Open & Thoughtful

We openly express our thoughts and concerns; we are mindful of each other and work together to improve our studio, our team, and ourselves as individuals.

High Standards

We ensure high standards of quality in everything we do – in our work, to our performance, to our ethics. We focus on our goals and work towards them, together. 


We’re not afraid to take risks, or to do things outside the norm. We support each other to overcome any challenges and we’re unafraid of asking for help from each other either.

We want to Change The World

It’s not corny and we’re not ashamed to say this.

We may be a young team but we’re not naive.

We know what we want and we’re working hard to get it.

We’re committed to changing the world.

Through the games we make,

Through our agile working process and most importantly,

Through our empowering studio’s personality.

Peakware Studio – #webuildwhatwewannaplay