Sprint #1 Blog Post (January 17, 2017)


Hello everyone and we hope that you are off to a roaring start for the New Year!

2016 was a year of great change and momentum for us here @PeakwareStudio and, as always, we couldn’t be more thankful for going forward with our dreams of building our own great game 🙂

While there were certainly many challenges during our start-up time in 2016, there were also many fond memories for us to cherish and treasure as well. Check out some of our highlights from 2016!

Now it wasn’t smooth sailing all alone though… With the many highlights of 2016, there were also several stressful days and nights where we navigated through unknown territory and situations along our journey. There was tension and numerous worries to consider with every new step we took and more often than not, it took great effort just to keep our hearts and minds on an even keel.

Hard lessons were learnt, both technically, mentally and culturally, yet there is always room for improvement to get to where we really want to be as a team, and as a indie dev studio.

Among the areas that we felt needed more improvement were in our individual leadership skills, our empowerment of our team, communication and support with each other, and above all, our own ownership of our game project. We realized that there is a huge difference between working a regular job (at any other company/studio) and working on a project that is very passionately close to our hearts. Nevertheless, the learning curve we have is never-ending and constant and we must remain open and adaptable to change. We hope to better ourselves, both individually and as a team, with every step we take.

And so we move forward into the New Year with renewed enthusiasm and optimism where we will continue to keep growing and to stay hungry for the desire to build our own great game!

What we’ve been up to…

The Debugger Title Logo

Redesigning from scratch…

While evaluating our work on the last working day of 2016, we came to a conclusion that… we weren’t happy with the overall concept design of The Debugger. Somehow, when all assets were placed together into the working game, it just didn’t look or feel right, nor did it convey the actual mood and tone of The Debugger that we really wanted to portray.

As such, we made a major team decision to change our entire concept design.

Yes… it was certainly devastating and demoralizing for us all (especially for a new young team such as us) but, we were all in agreement that we only wanted to put forth our best work and that what we had in our hands just wasn’t it.

As we were also well aware, there are countless stories of indie dev studios making similar decisions to complete change and redesign their games; and this, more often than not, proved detrimental to business, most of the time, making or breaking the studio’s success. Nevertheless, we knew deep in our hearts that it was the right decision to make and it was something that was unavoidable.

Thus, we calibrated ourselves, changed our production plans and shifted our timelines to accommodate this momentous change, all the while believing that changing our game concept design would serve us for the best.

And so we’re pushing forward and working doubly hard to bring you a brand new look of The Debugger, version 2.0, in the coming weeks at the end of our work sprint. Stay tuned!

Take a look at the first concept designs for The Debugger!

Sprint #1 Blog Post (Jan 17, 2017)
Sprint #1 Blog Post (Jan 17, 2017)
Sprint #1 Blog Post (Jan 17, 2017)

Gearing up for crowdfunding!

So as we shifted gears and moved in the new year, we remain confident (albeit with a shaky tone of voice! haha) to announce that we’re preparing for our own Steam Greenlight and IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, launching in mid-February and mid-March respectively.

You already know how young our team is and believe us, we’re already scared and apprehensive of the long road ahead of us. As a new indie dev studio right in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, we are worried about the just how far we can reach a global audience with our campaign efforts. While we’re aware that visibility builds up over time and hard work, there are still endless questions and worries that surround us as we prepare to take this next major step of our lives.

Are we going to make it? Will we hit our target crowdfunding goal? What if we don’t and our game simple falls by the wayside to be ignored and forgotten about? What will we do in the worse case scenario?

An endless stream of what-ifs is enough to drive any sane person crazy and keep us up for nights on end. As for now, the logical thing that we can only do is cover all the bases we have identified, work our butts off to produce great work, keep a high level of engagement with whatever little followers we have and as always, maintain our sincerity and integrity in our work as indies.

Keeping our fingers crossed, we can only plan ahead, plan for backups and organically adapt to whatever change life throws at us. But we’re hoping and remain optimistic – there is no other way in our opinion. Thanks again for checking-in in and stay tuned for our announcements!

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