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Peakware Studio Sprint Blog #3 - 6

Sprint #3 – 6 Blog Post (March 23, 2017)

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We’ve only just begun 😉

Gotta keep on keeping on…

Hi everyone!

Yep, it’s been a reeeally long time since our last blog post… but it’s good to check back in and recap on what we’ve been up to.

No surprise that we’ve been MIA from our blog for the last couple of sprints and yes, you guessed right – we’ve been busy 😉 What have we been up to? Pouring in countless hours of work to get our studio, and our first game, ready for the next chapter of our careers 😃

Now we’ve talked about this before – change is ALWAYS inevitable and it’s a constant test to prove ourselves to be versatile and flexible as we shift with constantly changing circumstances and situations. We may be prepared, but it has never been tougher as we challenge ourselves to be as adaptable as can be.

It’s never easy (will it ever be?) and there were many moments along the way where we could wish for more hours in one day just to get everything done (or more energy to work, for that matter).

It’s no secret that we’re a small team. With minimal resources and manpower – it gets really stressful at times when somehow everything seems to come together at the same time to scream for attention. There’s always something that needs to be done and never really enough time.

But then again, we wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t love our jobs right?

So it’s always good to take a step back and evaluate where we came from and what we’ve done so far – just to keep everything in perspective and well… to keep ourselves sane!

And as we look over what we’ve done so far, we’re sharing some highlights of our last couple of sprints – great memories that we will cherish forever and that remind us of just how blessed we are to #buildwhatwewannaplay 😃

Check it out! ↓

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Peakware Studio Presentation @Stenden University, Thailand

We were honored to be at Stenden University, Thailand on the invitation of our good friend, Prantik Bordoloi.

Our founder, Charkrid, imparted his wisdom and expertise to give an overview of the Global Gaming Industry – the leaders of the industry, the latest trends taking the industry by storm, and what to expect in the next coming years.

It was a great time listening to Charkrid – clearly in his element – as he talked about his passion for gaming and sharing his own intimate knowledge and experience on the subject. What surprised most of the students was just how big they realized the Global Gaming Industry is, just how much bigger it will be, and that games aren’t a bad influence (or a waste of time) either, with numerous passionate and dedicated industry professionals striving to provide a form of entertainment that may not always be regarded in a good light.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity (and the exposure) and we’re hopeful for another invitation in the near future 😃

Check out some snapshots we took of our presentation, and of Charkrid in action!

Out from the old and into the new…

Our current 'tiny' office

Our new office!

And with a great view too!

It’s time for a big change for our studio as we’re moving out of our current tiny office into a spanking, brand new one!

Why are we doing so?

Firstly, as we ramp up our work for our game, The Debugger, we’ll be needing a much larger team (and resources) to help us out with the production – thus requiring a bigger space that could fit more team members working comfortably 😉

Secondly, our current office neighbors are just too pesky and noisy to give us even day to work in peace – so it will be nice to get some peace and quiet to hunker down and get back to work!

While we’re gonna miss our current office where we started everything, we really can’t wait to move into our new place – not just because we’ll be having much more space, but also a space with a great view too!

That being said, we’re also recruiting new team members to come join us here @Peakware Studio so if you’re interested, visit our Careers page to see the positions we’re looking for!

Here’s to checking back in with you when we settle into our new space 😉!

The next step of our careers…

And so the biggest highlight of our careers (so far) has arrived 🙂

We’re so happy (and relieved!) to have launched our Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo for our first game, The Debugger!

Since we started in July, 2016, we’ve been working to prepare everything until this point to launch the campaign. It’s been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs as we shifted strategies and discussed constantly about our plan of action, all the while working on production to ensure that we have everything we need.

Now that we’ve passed the initial launch phase, we can’t help but breath a sigh of relief…

But then again, in retrospect… this is only just the beginning for us 😉

After the initial excitement of launching, we were confronted with the reality of our crowdfunding campaign. Not much public much interest, too little content to really convey the essence of our game, and most of all the mountain of work that still remains to be done.

With only our close friends and family helping to contribute to the campaign on the first day, we reality-checked ourselves to prepare (yet again) for the long-run. We knew we needed an actual playable demo to qualify ourselves in the eyes of the wider public; screenshots and gameplay videos just weren’t gonna cut it for us to be taken seriously.

And so we got straight back to work on production and are preparing the objectives for our next work sprints. As we said before, we’ve got a looong way to go before we can finally say we’re done (or satisfied) with our game development.

While we’re tired, we’re looking and moving forward – with optimistic dedication!

Oh, and if you’re interested – check out our IndieGoGo campaign page 😁 A dollar goes a long way and we certainly appreciate any (and all) support we can get 😉

Our Official IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Pitch Video

First Prototype Gameplay Video of The Debugger

In-Game Screenshots

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