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Sprint 9 Main Blog Pic

All about Monsters!

What's up #Indies! So we've just wrapped up our ninth production sprint and we're deep in production for our game , Project Jith. We introduced Project Jith in our previous blog post and how it's an evolution from our previous project, The Debugger (that we collectively decided to abort). To put things simply, we decided on this change of direction for more clarity and focus in both our studio's production and marketing efforts. So let's do quick recap of our previous sprint (Sprint #8). Specifically, we were working on a new game map which entailed settling on specific technical and design aspects of the map - [...]

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Sprint #8 Main Blog Pic Introducing Project Jith

Introducing – Project Jith!

Happy Friday folks! TGIF #indies and we're guessing you're as excited as we are about the long weekend ahead! (well, at least in Thailand that is!) While it's great to have a break, we're being diligent in keeping you updated about our progress, what's going on and what exactly is Project Jith??? It's been almost a month since we made our 'important announcement' about the development of The Debugger. Yet another bold move on our part, the changes we made in our announcement were something we felt (as a team) needed to be done - for better or for worse. So before we dive [...]

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Peakware Studio Important Announcement

Important Announcement!

Hi everyone! We've got some big news! Since moving into the next chapter of our careers in a brand new office, we've been in deep thought & discussion amongst ourselves about the future of our first game - The Debugger Since going live with our crowdfunding campaign on March 21, 2017, we've listened & gathered feedback from the public concerning our game. After careful deliberation, we've come up with a unanimous decision to take a step back and 'refocus' our efforts with some new changes. Coming to this decision was not easy, but we believe this will work out for everyone's benefit, including yourself as [...]

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Peakware Sprint #3 - 6 Main Blog Pic

Sprint #3 – 6 Blog Post (March 23, 2017)

We've only just begun ;) Gotta keep on keeping on... Hi everyone! Yep, it's been a reeeally long time since our last blog post... but it's good to check back in and recap on what we've been up to. No surprise that we've been MIA from our blog for the last couple of sprints and yes, you guessed right - we've been busy 😉 What have we been up to? Pouring in countless hours of work to get our studio, and our first game, ready for the next chapter of our careers 😃 Now we've talked about this before - change is ALWAYS [...]

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Sprint #2 Blog Post (Jan 31, 2017)

Sprint# 2 Blog Post (January 31, 2017)

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year ! Gong Xi Fa Chai from us here @Peakware Studio We've finished up our second sprint of 2017 and we're glad to check-in with you to give you some updates about what we've been up to :D It’s been a sprint of steady going while making sure that we do our best to achieve our work objectives. Every passing day brings us closer to our realization of our game and seeing it slowly come to life through our development is, in itself, a gratifying experience. Managing stress however, has been a challenge too. [...]

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