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Introducing - Project Jith

Introducing – Project Jith!

Happy Friday folks!

TGIF #indies and we’re guessing you’re as excited as we are about the long weekend ahead! (well, at least in Thailand that is!) While it’s great to have a break, we’re being diligent in keeping you updated about our progress, what’s going on and what exactly is Project Jith???

It’s been almost a month since we made our ‘important announcement‘ about the development of The Debugger. Yet another bold move on our part, the changes we made in our announcement were something we felt (as a team) needed to be done – for better or for worse.

So before we dive in, let’s briefly recap what we decided to do at the beginning of April…

#1 – We cut out the ‘software’ aspect from our game’s concept

No more corrupted software universe populated by software planets being overrun by bugs or viruses

#2 – We changed the name of our game

Discarding the ‘software’ concept rendered the game’s name of The Debugger irrelevant and thus, unsuitable for us going forward (despite the tremendous emotional attachment we have for the name!)

#3 – We cancelled our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo

Because of the previous two decisions, it’s only right that we go back to the ‘drawing board’ and cancel our campaign for The Debugger, and start with something new

Sprint #8 Main Blog Pic Introducing Project Jith
Introducing Project Jith

From The Debugger to Project Jith

Sprint #8 Blog Pic 2 Introducing Project Jith

Introducing Project Jith

The latest (but certainly not the final) title of our game that accurately presents the essence of our new game concept

While far from elegant, we think Project Jith works at this point of time for our game development. And along with a new name, we’re also going to be focusing on the central theme of battling against our own negative emotions throughout development.

So why this particular theme for our game concept?

Firstly, this theme is something very close to our hearts; based on personal experiences, we felt it essential to present it artistically through our game to touch the lives of players who may be experiencing the same challenges as we did, so that they could find comfort knowing that they’re not alone.

Secondly, we’re positive that this simple theme would be more accessible to anyone out there who would be willing to give our game a chance; we’re sure that it’s much more engaging and relatable for anyone about battling against their own negative emotions, and the lifelong struggle to overcome their own egos.

Finally, this theme would enable us to streamline our game’s concept and our production work, enabling us to simply focus on conveying the essential mood & tone of negative emotions, instead of desperately trying to force (and balance) several conceptual elements together in the game.

So that sums up our production Sprint #8!

We couldn’t be more thankful for your interest and support and in the meantime, check out some of our screenshots from our game that our team has been working on so far 🙂

Let us know what you think – any thoughts, comments or feedback (both good & bad) are always welcome and much appreciated!

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

Project Jith First Gameplay Preview


Project Jith Game Screenshot 1 - Sprint #8
Project Jith Game Screenshot 2 - Sprint #8
Project Jith Game Screenshot 5 - Sprint #8

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