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Peakware Studio Important Announcement

Important Announcement!

Hi everyone! We’ve got some big news!

Peakware Studio Important Announcement

Since moving into the next chapter of our careers in a brand new office, we’ve been in deep thought & discussion amongst ourselves about the future of our first game – The Debugger

Since going live with our crowdfunding campaign on March 21, 2017, we’ve listened & gathered feedback from the public concerning our game. After careful deliberation, we’ve come up with a unanimous decision to take a step back and ‘refocus’ our efforts with some new changes.

Coming to this decision was not easy, but we believe this will work out for everyone’s benefit, including yourself as a future player of the game 😉

While you may think this is a significant change from our previous plans, we’re taking this as a ‘refocusing’ effort instead of starting over again.

So here are the 3 key points our new ‘refocused’ plans for our game…

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We’re cutting out the ‘software’ aspect of the game

We have decided to focus our game development efforts solely on the emotional aspect that our game aims to deliver.

While we have promoted & talked about the setting of The Debugger in a ‘software universe’ before, we’ve discovered some cause for concern in communication.

We’ve been pushing both points about of the emotional aspect of the game, and promoting the game’s setting in a ‘software universe’, creating confusion and more often than not alienates the wider public’s interest in the game.

As such, we’ve decided to focus on the emotional side of the game to enable full immersion for players while playing the game.

We’ll be changing the name of our game

Along with refocusing the game entirely on it’s emotional deliverance and cutting off it’s setting in a ‘software universe’, we thought it best to change the name of the game as well.

Why change the name?

Firstly because the original game name, ‘The Debugger’, is too tied-in with the ‘software’ aspect of the game – confusing the wider public with the software/programming jargon used throughout the game and discouraging the public’s reception of what the game has to offer.

Secondly, we decided that a new name would be fitting to do justice to the emotional deliverance of the game – to accurately convey mood & tone of the game to build an emotional attachment for players with the game.

We’re cancelling our IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

And so with the two previous key points, we will be cancelling (or halting) our IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign for the time being.

Along with a refocus of our game and changing it’s name, there is no doubt about cancelling the campaign until we as a team have finalized our new plans going forward with everything needed in place.

Rest assured that all of our current backers have been refunded with their donations and that steps have been taken to ensure transparency in doing so. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have experienced any problems in your refunds and we will immediately help to resolve any issue whatsoever.

We’re moving forward to concentrate solely on the emotional aspect of the game – placing you in the shoes of the game’s protagonist to experience abject loneliness and depression

We’ll be working on the new name for our game in the coming work sprints so stay tuned!

We’ll be preparing to launch a new crowdfunding campaign for our game with everything needed in place to go, so standby for updates!

Given these 3 key points we’ve mentioned, we’ll be going through our production plans in the meantime to properly set everything in motion. As such, everything related (website and social media) to ‘The Debugger’ will be going dark. Not to worry too much as we’ll be back soon!

Peakware Team Pic for Important Announcement

With optimism and hope, we are implementing this new plan moving forward

Trust us when we say – this new plan is not just for us, but it’s also for you 😉

We sincerely hope that we can count on your continued support as we move forward with our game development and we’ll keep you updated!

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